The annual pollution of the Baltic Sea reaches horrible dimensions

Above 1 Million tons

of ammonium mainly from the agriculture

Fifty thousand tons of phosphor

Millions of liters waste water of paper mills

Billions of micro plastic particles by human beings

Sea water containment
by ships and yachts:

coatings and paints

copper particles of box cooler anti-fouling copper anodes

massive gray water by big cruise vessels

The Thermal Antifouling Systems for Box cooler from HEAT Nord
avoid the contamination of oceans, rivers and harbor waters by copper

Fouling - "the problem"

fouling protection on box coolers

Marine growth starts
from 10°C sea water

Antifouling temperature
above 60…65°C

TAS - The sustainable Antifouling Solution

TAS after 22 months in use

  • No sea water pollution
  • No galvanic corrosion
  • No costs for spare anodes
TAS / iTAS – The environmental friendly use of waste heat

Two environmental friendly solutions

flap in sea chest

Specialties of TAS-Flap
  • Efficient Protection in harbor (2-3 hrs)
  • Box cooler not in service
  • Sea chest flap closes outlet slots

iTAS – Integrated TAS
mounted on box cooler cover

Specialty of iTAS
  • 24/7-protection during cooling
  • Waste heat use of ME-HT-water
  • iTAS-unit on box cooler cover
TAS and iTAS replace Copper Anodes and makes
cathodic protection units for box cooler unnecessary!

Use of copper anodes leads to:

  • Toxic sea and harbor waters
  • High galvanic corrosion potential
  • Frequently high spare costs
Cost savings

Energy savings

Environment protection

Box Cooler with TAS / iTAS