Company Introduction

HEAT Nord GmbH was established 2000 and is located nearby Rostock in northern Germany. The key-product of HEAT Nord is the low-maintenance Thermal Antifouling System – “TAS” for Box cooler which will be manufactured by HEAT Nord in their own workshop and tailor-made for each vessel and application.

Our patented TAS protects box cooler efficiently and environmental-friendly against fouling by marine growth. A real working Antifouling is of great importance for box cooler to ensure cooling of marine diesel engines and thus their performance. Pollutant copper anodes and chlorination systems are contaminating our sea water with harmful substances and are still used against fouling of box cooler with very limited success. These copper anodes assembled with the box cooler pose a significant risk of corrosion for sea chest steel plates.

All these problems are solved or avoided by the Thermal Antifouling System – TAS / iTAS developed by Dipl.-Ing. Gunter Hoeffer, idea provider and CEO of HEAT Nord.

The first “Thermal Antifouling System” (TAS) was applied for a patent in 2000. That fast and efficient working TAS protects the box cooler during each harbour stay full automatically. The box cooler bundle will be protected always against fouling by user defined interval heating-up. The TAS / iTAS are continuously, short-time and segmented-like working procedures.

Gunter Höffer Geschäftsführer

In 2008 HEAT Nord developed a second principle solution- the integrated Thermal Antifouling System – “iTAS” which protects the box cooler so long the main engine is running and delivering HT-water-heat, means iTAS can run around the clock – 24/7.

More than 15 years of practical application prove the efficient antifouling method TAS / iTAS and since 2002 the Federal office of Navigation and Hydrography (BSH) has already been a satisfied user of our unique TAS. Several Shipping companies like Intership, Fairplay, Boskalis and DEME benefit from reduced operating costs by saving previous costs for copper and chemicals.

Box cooler made by HEAT Nord GmbH / Germany based on the worldwide patented “Thermal Antifouling System” stand for Technology “ Made in Germany” and are more efficient than conventional systems, needs less maintenance, decrease operating costs, avoid corrosion and doesn’t pollute our marine environment.

We are always ready for a technical meeting in your office on short-time notice and say thank you very much for your interest in our environmental-friendly Technology.