Advantages of iTAS

  • Patented design
  • 100% cooling performance because of the permanent protection by iTAS.
  • Environmental friendly operation
  • Optimized numbers of box cooler
  • 4 x 33% for common ME-HT+LT cooling water system
  • iTAS protects box coolers during sea trial continuously 24/7
  • A certain keep-warm function for the bundles during ice trials.
The iTAS of HEAT Nord is a “One-by One” protection system, that means the protection heat will reach each single tube frequently!
The Ultra sonic and copper anodes are single emitters for thousands of cooler tubes!
Why to use our green Thermal Antifouling Systems?
Economic effects
  • Never extra dry-docking because of bad box cooler performance by marine growth
  • No need for separate electrical antifouling systems for box cooler like copper anodes
  • No galvanic corrosion danger for sea chest parts caused by copper anodes
  • Saving of ten-thousands of EUROS every three years for non-replacement of copper anodes
  • less maintenance and reduced operation costs for iTAS-parts
Ecological aspects
  • Reduction of high energy consuming copper anodes production improves your CO2-vessel foot print
  • Less marine environment pollution
  • Use of waste energy from HT-cooling water