Advantages of iTAS

  • Patented design
  • 100% cooling performance because of the permanent protection by iTAS.
  • Environmental friendly operation
  • Optimized numbers of box cooler
  • 4 x 33% for common ME-HT+LT cooling water system
  • iTAS protects box coolers during sea trial continuously 24/7
  • A certain keep-warm function for the bundles during ice trials.

Not anymore copper anodes!

Thermal Antifouling System – green and energy efficient
Economic effects
  • iTAS-box cooler guarantee engine performance everywhere and everytime
  • iTAS-parts have less maintenance and reduced operation costs
  • Not any separate electrical protection systems necessary
  • Not galvanic corrosion in the sea chest caused by copper anodes
Ecological aspects
  • Reduction of high energy consuming copper anodes production improves your CO2-vessel foot print
  • Less marine environment pollution
  • Use of waste energy from HT-cooling water

Extra dry-docking by marine growth is history!